Riding a motorcycle in the rain

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Riding In The Rain


Sometimes in spite of the best planning the weather does not always cooperate. When riding a motorcycle it is important to remember that sometimes they are hard to be seen by other drivers. The visibility becomes even more of a problem when riding in the rain. First and foremost be careful of others and be ready to take preventative action. Do not assume that they see the motorcycle.

For personal comfort it is wise to have a rain suit along at all times for those unexpected storms that pop up. This consists of the rain jacket and also some pull on pants and are usually in a highly visible yellow. Boots that pull over the shoes are also recommended. If the motorcycle has a windjammer the operator more than likely will have most of the rain blow over them as they ride and only the feet, shins, and front of the legs get a bit wet. Of course there are always certain riders that will not put on any extra gear and keep on going no matter what. They truly weather the storm.

A passenger will more than likely be taking the blunt of the rain and might snuggle up closer. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. Just be aware that the second person is many times at a different height than the operator. If the weather gets too dangerous taking a break might be the wisest choice. Sometimes motorcyclist pull to the side and stop under an overpass. This might not be the safest choice but is an option. If you choose to do this and there is lightning it is wise not to lean against a guard rail as you wait out the storm. There have been stories of a person getting a slight zap as the lighting cracks in the sky.

Finally, if there is a passenger in a sidecar that has a slight windshield it might help deter the rain. Sometimes however, the most humane thing to do is to stop. This is left entirely up to the rider and even more so up to the operator. For more information please visit website.